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Your gift provides worship services and Bible Studies in Perryville Women’s State Prison.

We are so thankful that God answered our prayers and provided approval from Arizona Department of Corrections for Brilliant Light International to provide trauma-informed church services inside Perryville Women’s State Prison. We are going into the least reached areas of the women’s prison including two of the prison’s mental health units and one maximum security unit. By God’s grace, we are providing church services in these 3 units every week in the women’s state prison.

Would you please pray for us? For physical health, spiritual protection, and effective ministry, as we offer unconditional love, acceptance, and the truth of God’s Word.

    Reaching Arizona Women’s State Prison with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Did you know that over 4,000 women are incarcerated in Arizona Women’s State Prison at Perryville? It is the only women’s state prison in Arizona.

Our ministry team provides trauma-informed church services for 3 prison units every week. The goal is to provide a sense of community where the women feel safe, accepted, loved, valued, and heard. 

It is from a place of safety, compassion and acceptance that someone will take the risk of making real life changes from the inside out – real life transformation. 

A high percentage of incarcerated women have experienced abuse prior to their incarceration. Abuse is a traumatic experience that can impact mental health, physical health, and can sometimes lead to the use of drugs, alcohol, self-harm, or harm to others. Brain science teaches us that when someone has a sense of belonging, they will feel emotionally and physically safe, which helps foster self-regulation, leading to resilience. 

Our goal is to build a safe space with trusting relationships where learning, growth, healing, and resilience can take place for incarcerated women. We want to help them establish a secure connection with Jesus, and to surrender their lives to Him for salvation.

We teach the truth from the Word of God, with lessons to provide practical application of grace and truth together. We want to see women free from life patterns that are keeping them stuck so they can change and can live abundant lives in Christ, both inside the prison and in their community upon reentry. 

Your gift provides worship services and Bible Studies for women in Arizona State Prison, Perryville.

Prison Statistics:


Arizona incarceration rate is 0.5% of the population (#5 highest among all states)
The Sentencing Project, U.S. Criminal Justice Data, 2019


Arizona prisons release about 12,933  people every year
Prison Policy Initiative


83% of prisoners report past drug use and 57% were using drugs in the month before their offense.
Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1999


62% of prisoners released from state prisons are arrested again within 3 years, and about 40% are reincarcerated within 3 years

Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2021

Would you consider a recurring gift of $40 or $50 per month, to provide worship services and Bible Studies for women in Arizona State Prison?

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Kendall’s Story:

With tears streaming down her face during worship in the Perryville prison, Kendall held both hands toward the ceiling and sang with all her heart to the Lord. After the service, she asked for prayer for strength to follow the Lord and for reconciliation with her family. The hardest part for Kendall when she is released from prison is that her family is not walking with the Lord. They are using drugs and cannot provide a safe or healthy environment for her to live. She wants to make new friends but fears the isolation and potential judgment from others because of her past.
*For their security, the names of incarcerated women have been changed.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible, and will provide worship services and Bible Studies for women in Arizona State Prison.

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