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Human Trafficking Survivors

We partner with local women’s shelters to provide trauma-informed recovery
programs for human trafficking survivors.

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Human Trafficking Statistics in USA:

$9.8 Billion

“Human Trafficking in the U.S. is a
$9.8 BILLION Industry”
International Labor Organization

13 Years Old

“The average age at-risk youth are
lured into sex trafficking in Arizona
is just 13 years old”
YES Study Arizona 2020

98% increase

“In 2020 there was a 98% increase in online attempts by sex traffickers trying to recruit children”
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The Majority

Majority of traffickers pose as the boyfriend prior to forcing the young ladies into prostitution.

Over 340

Over 340 children have been recovered from human trafficking in Phoenix in just the past 18 months”
AZ Human Trafficking Council Report 2020

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Jemma’s Story:

Jemma and her boyfriend both struggled with drug use, and she overdosed more than once, barely living to talk about it. After some time, her boyfriend told her she had to sleep with other men for money, but she refused. He was driving on the expressway to take her to another state, but she jumped out of the moving vehicle onto the expressway and survived. She ran to the wall on the side of the expressway and scrambled over it. A police vehicle saw her and picked her up. She was high on drugs, so the police took her to CBI (Community Bridges, Inc) for detox and drug rehab. After detox, she was accepted into a women’s shelter and human trafficking recovery program in Phoenix, Arizona. Jemma still faces many challenges in life, but now she has hope that God is able to make beautiful things from her life.

*For their security, survivors’ names have been changed.

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