October 15 2019

Oct 15, 2019

Will you join me in praising God for all He is doing?
Two weeks ago, after our women’s discipleship program at the Phoenix Dream Center, an 18-year-old girl stayed after for prayer. She said, “Please pray for me, because I want to be here, but I feel like relapsing because my pimp made contact with me. This is the third time I have come to the Center, and the last two times, I left and went back.” So I poured my heart out for this girl in prayer with tears, and asked friends to pray for her that week. At the class one week later, she had a bright smile on her face as she talked with us. And now just 2 weeks later, she said that she made the decision to be baptized. We rejoice to see how God is working in her life. We will keep her name confidential, but please pray for her, because recovery from human trafficking is complex and takes time. There are about 50 women in the discipleship class at the Phoenix Dream Center, and at least 20% of them are in the Human Trafficking recovery program.CHANGING LIVES CENTER at the PHOENIX RESCUE MISSION:
I was invited to speak at the chapel service on October 9 for 70 women at the Changing Lives Center at the Phoenix Rescue Mission (pictured above). I spoke on how to recognize the voice of Jesus and the voice of the enemy, and how to tear down lies (those fiery darts) and to trust God’s heart for us, and who He says we are.
Most of these women have come from backgrounds including prison, abuse, addiction, or human trafficking. This is the same demographic we find in the homeless ministry, the Phoenix Dream Center, the Crossroads rehab center, and the prisons. Our prayer is to clearly share the gospel and the love of Jesus and to represent Him well. God delights in demonstrating His incredible grace by restoring the worst of sinners and transforming them into leaders for His kingdom.PRAYER IS THE ENGINE THAT RUNS THE MINISTRY:
A pastor once told me, “Little prayer, little power. No prayer, no power.” This is true. Prayer is the engine that runs this ministry. We are having group prayer meetings within our ministry 4 days a week. This is where God provides direction, joy, strength, and spiritual preparation for ministry.
Thank you so much for your prayers for:
1. Open doors for ministry to women in prison and to those just being released, who are at the highest risk of relapse. There are 4000 women in the State Prison in the City of Phoenix alone. We have a team of 7 women in ministry who are preparing to serve this population.
2. Protection in spiritual warfare.
3. Pray for more workers to join us in the harvest fields and for fruit that will last. Click to Give